Jemmifer Summerhill wrote:  Nidya, Marin and crew, you made it happen and are amazing!!! Always great service!!! The expertise and dedication you and your crew put into this job is greatly appreciated! You will always have me as a customer!
-Kimberly A+ service above and beyond
This is an  A+ honest place of business. I went there for an estimate on bodywork that I was going to need on my car after an accident and also for other engine problems with my car. They were helpful on the phone and there was no waiting when I got there. They did the estimate and were very informative on all other aspects of what I needed to know in dealing with the ins. companies. they were able to fix my engine problems, right there on the spot. They even closed the windows on the car and started the AC before we were leaving, as it was a hot day and my daughter is 9 months pregnant. I definitely recommend them, and I will keep their card in my wallet for future use.
--Sonia Smith
"This is the third time I've used your shop. I trust you with my cars. I went to another shop once and they kept me waiting just to speak with someone. Your people are very accommodating, they remember you when you call or come in, and they always follow up."
just wanted to send a quick thank you.
I work at the Buehler YMCA.  We had a gentleman who came to the front desk -- his car had died and he needed a jump.  We called a few places before we finally got to someone who could help us -- YOU!!  You guys were quick to send someone over who was able to help this gentleman out.  It's excellent to know such a helpful resource is nearby.
Thanks again!
Becki Suthers
Membership Retention Coordinator
Buehler YMCA